Windsor Leather Products produces the finest bonded leather products, tailored to your specifications. Because of our extensive industry knowledge and high-capacity production capabilities, we can deliver high-quality and uniquely designed products in a cost effective and timely manner.

Quality control assures that only superior products get shipped to clients

When it comes to quality and value, our personally designed promotional items or souvenirs are an excellent option to promote your company or organization. Useful and attractive, your own specially-designed bonded leather products will constantly remind the recipient of his or her affiliation with your organization.

Whether you are a retail store buyer looking for something different, a marketing manager seeking a low cost form of advertising or branding, or a non-profit organization seeking wider exposure, custom-designed bonded leather products make a great impression.

What is Recycled (Bonded) Leather?

Leather from the tannery is purified, shredded and recycled. The leather fibers are bonded with natural latex, followed by the application of a grain and finish. It has the look and feel of full grain leather. In addition to being cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, recycled leather is the perfect material for products such as coasters, bookmarks and mouse pads.

"I was very pleased with the bookmarks. Our gift shop opens very soon so we hope these will be a good seller. Thanks for all of your help."

—Greenfield Parks