Windsor Leather Products produces a wide variety of bonded leather promotional items. Whether you are a retail store buyer, a nonprofit organization, or a marketing manager, you will want to utilize these quality gifts. An impressive custom-designed bonded leather product is a cost-effective way of reminding your present and future clients who you are, and that they are valued by your organization.

Bonded leather bookmarks are one of the most effective low cost fund raising tools. Unlike a brochure, magnet, or sticker, a custom-designed bonded leather bookmark included with a letter, or given out at a special event, is too luxurious to be disregarded. Stylish and tastefully designed bookmarks serve as a frequent reminder of your organization. They are cost-efficient, high quality and easily mailed.

When it comes to quality low-cost souvenirs, bonded leather bookmarks and coasters are consistent best sellers. When tourists visit an attraction, they often seek to purchase inexpensive yet attractive and tasteful gifts to take home. A bonded leather bookmark or coaster is elegant, yet inexpensive. In addition to making great gifts, bookmarks and coasters are also mementos which serve as delightful reminders of the visit.

"Thank you for the bookmarks, they are beautiful!"

Golden Key International Society
University of Maryland